Tuesday, 1 November 2011

nov, 1st - broadway market second time....

day 609:

i think that my heart is in the East....the Far East definitely....East London.....probably. practicalities  have dictated that we live West...and West is certainly lovely....but East......lots of our friends are East, Broadway Market is East, beautiful buildings are East, fantastic restaurants like this are East....the sun rises etc.

we met up with some friends at Broadway Market on Saturday to gather supplies for lunch and let these two have some time together.....

Limi has been desperate since this weekend in Girona. Broadway Market just gets better and better....well to be honest, i've only been once before (because i'm not a local......sob) so really it's just better than the last time i was there....{see day 390}

i really didn't get much of a chance to shoot the food this time around....but believe me....the food is amazing....i've vowed that next time i visit it will be a savouring wander. we also found these vintage crates there in a completely different branch of the market that i never knew existed.

a good London morning. you should try it.

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