Monday, 21 November 2011

nov, 20th - weekend....

day 628:

weekends lately, have been all about visiting family, bracing, slow walks (Limi is keen to practice her jumping every three steps and yesterday there was even a busker-pavement moment of 'ring-a, ring-a rosie' including fall-down actions) and enjoying the incredible colour everywhere. London has put on a spectacular Autumn this year. 

but certainly Autumn 2011, will be mostly remembered by our rediscovery of Richmond Park.....

it's unbelievably beautiful at this time of year (as i have post...after post). last weekend we discovered these giant parasol mushrooms, not poisonous i read...although Limi thought that they were large dandelions.....

as you can tell, we're loving this park. 


  1. beautiful, whimsical. How I miss the seasons.

  2. Just beautiful Dee ... that pic of Limi smelling the mushroom is magic !!!

  3. whoa. what a beautiful place! and LOVELY photos.

    Samarah :)


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