Wednesday, 23 November 2011

nov, 23rd - shiny shoes....

day 631:

it must be the hint of sparkle that keeps creeping in, now that Christmas is almost here, that made me do it. i bought these shoes for Limi. i think that they're just crying out for taps to be added {see day 503}.

i think that they've started a new tradition.....a pair Christmas shoes every December...sparkles optional but festive spirit, a must. now to find my pair.


  1. These are so they do them in adult sizes? :)

  2. I've never seen anything as cute!!!
    I saw some lovely adult ones at Liberty the other day, but I can't remember the make.

  3. can't remember the last time i had such a heart crush for a blog....

  4. So irresistably cute! I want to buy a pair for my toddler.. And hopefully another pair for me? hehe. Perfect for the holidays i might say

    I am posting my toddler's pictures here. - an online baby photo albums. You must try it.

    Anyway, interesting blog, Love it :)♥


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