Thursday, 17 November 2011

nov, 17th - all change please....

day 625:

it's been an interesting year trying to teach Limi about goodbyes, we've seen plenty of far-flung family and friends and i've watched her grapple with them being around and then suddenly only existing back in Skype. there's no doubt that children adapt quickly and live in the moment, but it's still been hard for us when she asks to go 'Up Up' with someone on Skype and wonders why they can't. i've tried very hard to remind her that she said goodbye and that they are now at home/school/ Hong Kong/Australia/ South Africa. it seems to be working.

anyway, it's time for more goodbyes......Jae, Limi's brilliant nanny, {see days 389, 484, 546} is leaving us. her overseas visa runs out in December and so it's time for her to head back. there are plenty of things that we appreciate about Jae (which i will leave for a different post) but one BIG one for me are the little images that she started to send me when i am away working. we use WhatsApp which is brilliant and free....the latest 'Limi-drops' were these three pics, playing fashionista-blogger dress-up

dealing with change and saying goodbye is always difficult but at least A. and i have time to prepare for it. for Limi, the tough part is that she has no idea what's coming.....and these two are very tight.

ps. on a completely different topic, have you heard this version of The Calling's 'Wherever you will go' by Charlene Soraia...i've been playing it on repeat.


  1. Oh my, how sad to be loosing Jae, she does really seem like such a treasure !!!
    You were the first person I thought of when I saw Babylonstoren ... I can't wait to see your photographs from there !!!

  2. I love these photos they make me laugh so much...Limi has so much character and personality!

  3. These photos are truly fab! Saying goodbye never gets easier. When will they invent teleportation? :)

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