Sunday, 13 November 2011

nov, 13th - urban beekeeping....

day 621:

last weekend we went to an urban bee-keeping talk at Petersham Nurseries {see day 603} (i did warn you that it's become our favourite place for Autumn). Although the Shoebox certainly doesn't have space for a couple of hives.....A. and i both come from farming-type backgrounds and i think that under our urban veneer, we long for vegetable patches and bees at the end of the garden. (Given that we've both killed every single pot-plant and window-box that we've ever tried to raise....we have a long road ahead).....

anyway,  it was great to be in a classroom environment again, especially when that classroom, is a beautiful, glass greenhouse.....our bee instructor, Brian McCallum, was brilliant. He's part of Urban Bees, has written various books and works on the Mayor of London's Capital Bee scheme. I certainly wish that I had known about these career choices when I was growing up.

we may not have the rambling garden and abundance of pollen creating plants yet.....but we are certainly both inspired to one day have these and some busy hives to look the meantime, it's back to those window boxes with renewed enthusiasm.


  1. love it deedil. my ancient next door neighbour in Hermanus, Mrs Kaniel, used to be a bee keeper. She is a fountain of knowledge. I'm all for it. Louis Vuitton has hives on their rooftop in Paris and have produced an abundance of honey.
    If you click on the link you may think it is a rooftop farm in NYC, but its actually just a porthole into my dreamworld of a rooftop farm in Cape Town. Thank you for the inspiration. x

  2. I was just reading about some city bee keepers in Sydney the other day ... I love the thought of these bees flying off to the Botanical Gardens in the city then back to their Darlinghurst roof top ...
    What a great thing do do Dee (and what a great place to learn)


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