Sunday, 27 November 2011

nov, 27th - friends....

day 634:

we went back to Columbia Road Flower Market {see day 230} today. it just gets better and better. i found the most beautiful, vintage, smock dress for Limi at a stall selling piles of old, linen pillow cases, tablecloths and hand towels. a great place to find some Christmas present gems.

and the same musicians were entertaining the people passing by. we lingered so that these two could watch....

another good weekend. hope yours was too.


  1. ...and with such cute style these 2 little friends!

  2. Too adorable ... such sweet little friends, loving Limi's coat !!!
    I'm with you on the cards A & C both, really how could you choose X

  3. Your little girl is so beautiful with this gorgeous clothing!

  4. Oh that hat & coat! Perfection. She is precious!

  5. Your photography literally makes my heart ache. Just beautiful.

    That last words...what a moment captured!

  6. love the girl's outfits, just gorgeous! You have a beautiful blog :)


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