Wednesday, 20 April 2011

apr, 20th - loula in kalk bay......

day 437:

okay, so i realise that i'm talking about South Africa like people talk about their pets....after their kids have left home..........just going on and on and on........and wanting to share every single woof and trick....but hey, i can't stop.......

if you drive out the back of Stellenbosch {see day 436 continued.....} and head along the coast, on a road literally paved through the beach sand (on windy days, you get your own sand speedbumps) reach the seaside villages of Muizenberg and Kalk Bay. one of my best friends and Limi's godmother lives in Kalk Bay. it's a special place......a rare spot where you can stroll home smelling the salty air after dinner and the next morning, are spoilt for choice on where to have coffee and homebaked pastries. combined with fantastic seafood, vintage stores, surfers and some of the best whale spotting in Cape Town, Kalk Bay is a must when you visit the Southern Tip of Africa. 

Limi having pony rides with Loula.


  1. I'm happy for you to go on and on ... your country is amazing !!!

  2. Please don't stop! I'm discovering an amazing country!
    Really nice pictures!

  3. Shame...the poor godchild looks terrified – but stylish :)
    Great pics of the False Bay Riviera.
    Love Loula


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