Thursday, 12 April 2012

apr, 12th - where's my parrot....

day 796:

awhile back, i mentioned that Limi dressed up as a girl pirate for her music class {see day 731} but i never shared the pics.....well here she is in all her pirateness......we never did get the parrot.....

do you think that she could be persuaded to dress up spiderman next?.....she's starting to take her dress-up quite seriously.....


  1. Limi the pirate girl is gorgeous...she must be such an entertaining little character to have around! :)

  2. hohohoho, soo cute. seems like little pirate girl is keepin you busy...

  3. Best looking pirate I've seen !!!

  4. Your images blow me away, every single time!
    Limi is the cutest pirate I ever did see.


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