Monday, 30 April 2012

apr, 30th - black and white with a hint of green....

day 814:

i'm constantly drawn back to black, white and green....okay, and butcher's brown paper....and rough string.....and shades of grey..... and crisp green and white flowers. it was our starting point for the Shoebox {see day 376} and our wedding (although we used dark chocolate brown as well as black) {see day 384}. 

i never seem to get bored of these colours and the combination of natural textures against a monochromatic backdrop. throw in some industrial steel and my interior heaven is complete......

p.s. i also think that i'm going through a small online-balloon-ordering frenzy. i now have 100 of these black balloons (minus the above 12). i went looking for black versions of these oversized ones but no-one seems to stock them. although let's hope that i don't find any as we are fast running out of space in this Shoebox.

1 comment:

  1. I've always loved your colours Dee .... Oh and Limi and her friend in the previous post DIVINE !!!


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