Wednesday, 25 April 2012

apr, 25th - weekend: the company....

day 809:

when you find friends that allow you to just be yourself (but hopefully a good version rather than the grumpy, slothful version) then you hang onto them by the ankles and never let them go.....if you can travel with these same friends and not end the holiday wanting to gnaw-your-arm-off in frustration then you've struck gold. this group ticks all those boxes.......and even with six fairly strong-willed adults (including one heightened-mood-swinging pregnant one) and three less-than-timid toddlers, all in one house, we had an amazing and relaxing time. 

last time we travelled together was to this incredible spot in girona { see days 573 & 574}. on this trip we read books/magazines/newspapers in streaming sunshine, went for bracing walks on the shingles, flew kites, got caught in a fast moving rainshower, celebrated birthdays, marshalled sharing amongst toddlers, cooked (and did plenty of eating), rode on a steam train, had companable silences and noisy conversation, group baths (the kids rather than the adults) and generally did whatever suited us ......

an added bonus is that this group makes me laugh so hard that my stomache aches, they cook the most unbelievable meals (well one couple are an incredibly talented chef and his equally brilliant partner with their own restaurants so that does tend to up the ante somewhat) and are so kind and sweet with Limi that it makes my heart melt.

....all in all you couldn't ask for a better weekend with better company.

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