Wednesday, 18 April 2012

apr, 18th - thanks.....

day 802:

thanks for all the blog love lately......your comments make my day......and stumbling across reposts from shehadusathello always gives me the biggest grin.

it wasn't a great day (i blame pregnancy hormones) so i think we'll just start again tomorrow......

but before i's always a buzz to find the blog on these friday favourites; plus this tumblr site but what did surprise me this week was finding my way onto this page and seeing what has captured people's attention. seeing the pics in pinterest was an unexpected trip through some wonderful memories.


  1. So happy that you and this beautiful space of yours are feeling the love! I always love to see what people are pinning - it's fascinating! xx

  2. Oh Dee it's always a pleasure to feature you on my blog .... I think there is something in the air (even though our air is very far away from each other) I'm having a super flattish week and I can't even blame the hormones !!!

  3. in truth, the thanks is to you! this blog you've created is beautiful, inspiring, and a lovely place to visit.

  4. Your blog is my absolute favourite!! I can never wait to look at it to see what each day brings. It makes me smile so much. Louise x.

  5. Thank you from Russia!I have fined your blog not long time ago, but have read and look form the beginning! Great work <3

  6. Thank you to truly is an absolute pleasure visiting your blog. X
    Here's hoping you have more happy hormones through the rest of the pregnancy ....goodbye to the unhappy ones ;)


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