Monday, 16 April 2012

apr, 16th - a friend's baby shower....

day 800:

we organised a baby shower for some good friends over the weekend. these are the same friends who are currently renovating this beautiful place {see day 587}. i just love it more and more each time i go around. 

with such a stunning backdrop, we didn't need to do much decorating....although i'm now completely ruined by these giant, white balloons that i bought online (there were four but one escaped enroute....) and can't go back to normal sized ever again.

and here is the produce from my baking the day before....whilst icing i did think 'yikes, icing hides a multitude of baking flops' cupcakes are sadly sinking as soon as they come out the oven.....very frsutrating.....anyway, there's only one thing for it....more practise.

we had such a lovely day. i hope that your weekend was just as full of good times with great friends. x


  1. How lovely with so many wonderful details, loving the balloon too! :)

  2. It all looks gorgeous.....I love the simplicity in the decorating and those balloons are perfect.
    Your cupcakes look like succulents..... i would certainly eat one and even if it was sinking in the middle. Often these sinking kind are the best!!

  3. What a great space and so beautifully decorated!

  4. Those cupcakes are lovely and that apartment is to die for!

  5. I think your cupcakes look divine ..... and that house is looking so great !!!

  6. So gorgeous - the house, the baked goods - the lot! x

  7. Wow, everything is so gorgeous!


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