Thursday, 19 April 2012

apr, 19th - introducing kelly....

[ Kelly & Limi]

day 803:

figuring out how to have careers and still be there for Limi (for her sake and for ours) has been's certainly not a new topic and not one that i want to rehash here...but i've come to appreciate how important a balance is for me and how that balance can be different for every family and every parent. we still haven't managed to get it right (although, hopefully some exciting plans on the horizon will move towards a better balance)...but one thing that has helped incredibly, has been the wonderful nannies that we've managed to find. our first nanny, Jae {see day 389} was brilliant at helping me make the transition from being with Limi 24 hours a day to starting work again.....unfortunately her visa ran out in December and we had to find someone new......

Kelly, Limi's new nanny, is also fantastic. our biggest measure being how happy Limi is......and seriously, A. and i are always the ones grateful for squeezes and kisses when we walk out the she happily skips past singing at the top of her lungs. Limi has adored both Jae and Kelly and we have loved how much they have both contributed to her development, self-confidence and general happiness. 

Kelly also comes from Australia (i may just need a South African next to balance things in this house.....I'm drowning in Aussialia). not only does she make Limi happy but she brings general cheer into our house. something that A. and i both appreciate. we always wanted a happy, relaxed, music & laughter filled home and that's exactly, with the help from Kelly, what we seem to have managed to create for Limi.

and an added bonus with having nannies from a different country is that they are just as excited to visit the sights of London as Limi is. i'm playing catch-up to my two-year old who has already been to see Damien Hirst at the Tate and the Inside Out exhibition. (although i wouldn't have it any other way as that is exactly what living in London is all about).

we have been extremely lucky to find both Jae and Kelly and I love the idea that Limi is gathering these amazing people who will always want to be part of her life.

p.s. these are the pics that i get sent whilst i'm's hard to stay serious when this pops up on your screen :)


  1. I think everything in Life, has to be Balanced,just follow your heart:)

  2. These pictures are just adorable! How lovely for you to have such a nice feeling about leaving your most precious one with someone who really cares. I was always lucky with having wonderful help at home too and it makes all the difference. Limi certainly doesn't look like she's suffering in any way!
    By the way, what work do you do?

  3. I loveeeeeee this :) Thanx Dee!! p.s. damn we look good with mustaches! ;)

  4. lovely pictures!!
    and yes
    it is not easy to find balance
    between career and being a mum
    but it seems you are doing great!

    I admire your lovely blog
    while living in the Netherlands

    Patrice A.

  5. I love these photos--so funny!

  6. So cute...Limi lucky to have Kelly, Kelly lucky to have Limi!! :)


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