Monday, 2 April 2012

apr, 2nd - on a royal whim....

day 787:

my mum's in town which always makes me think of very English things to over the weekend, we strolled down to the newly re-opened Kensington Palace. i love it....the rooms are filled with words, unexpected objects, whispering walls and more traditional displays. i can't say that i completely understood it all and i overheard other people wishing 'that there was more information'....but i don't think it's about completely's about the experience, the feeling, the surprise, the unexpected.....the whimsy. if i was a little girl, it would be exactly how a palace should be....full of dark corners and pretty, startling things.....whispers behind the curtains and flocks of paper birds flying through the rooms.

it's almost as if it's a history lesson being told via a silent, childs' movie, that changes shot as you walk from room to room......

i really think that they've done an amazing job to make it feel so beautifully historical yet also contemporary and relevant......and yes, whimsical. i know i've overused these words already but they're such a good fit.......

it was a good day and at the end, Limi got to make a crown......

i hope that your weekend was just, whimsical. x


  1. Inspired again. Limi fits into these scene's so well.

  2. Having just seen this exhibition confirms to me what a good photographer you are! I think you have a way of totally capturing the very best of things that you see. As you know I'm a photographer myself, but you really have a skill in the way that you shoot that is unique to you! Louise x (ps. I agree that there was not nearly enough information available.)


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