Sunday, 29 April 2012

apr, 29th - taking caterpillar for a walk....

day 813:

contrary to what this looks like, we didn't dress these girls they are taking their pet caterpillar for a walk. it seems that London is fairly restrictive when it comes to childhood pets.

i hope that you had a fabulous weekend. we took Limi to her first theatre performance which she loved....definitely going to book some more.

have a great week. x


  1. hues of grey, dusty pink and navy, two sweet little girls and a vintage caterpillar. Perfection x

  2. ahh, thats so cute!! in germany we have a famous singer and she's also singing a song: "caterpillar in the rain" and i just think that really fits

  3. Gorgeous!Love the colours and the caterpillar.

  4. Oh, beautiful. I might steal their look, I love it!

  5. so pretty... I love your photography.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and adorable!


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