Monday, 2 July 2012

jul, 2nd - baking days....

day 874:

these pics are from a few weeks ago. they're of Limi and Kelly baking me beetroot and chocolate cupcakes for my birthday. we are trying as much as possible to teach Limi where her food comes from (as much as you can when you buy most of it, unfortunately) and involve her in the cooking process. she loves helping out in the kitchen and is even more excited about getting the sponges soapy and washing up.

the cupcakes were delicious.


  1. .... and not forgetting dressing as a bumble bee whilst baking makes them taste so much better .... tooooo cute !!!

  2. what a cute little bumble bee. i think it is a really good thing to tell your kid where the food comes from. will teach this with my kid too.


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