Saturday, 10 November 2012

nov, 10th - and 100 days....

day 1001 / 100:

hot on her sister's heels, Clémence reached her own milestone of 100 days....and here are the pics of her in these vintage bonnets.....

i found out before i had Claya, that our friends were hoping that we would be more challenged this time around as they felt that Limi had been far too gentle on us. Claya has disappointed them by being a fairly chilled baby....(for now! if there's one thing that i've learnt it's not to be a smug parent as it soon comes back to bite you).

in 100 days, she has changed our family and all of us. Limi has become a big sister and learnt to be fun yet gentle (mostly) with her baby sister. she is kind and says things like: 'don't worry little one, i'm here and your mama is coming now' and already Claya looks at her with a sweet smile and blossoming adoration....and yes, also sometimes pure terror when Limi is giving her an especially enthusiastic squeeze. 

i three months, she has developed an infectious giggle (with a snort that she will hopefully outgrow....although Claya, if you're reading this one day and haven't lost your snort-laugh then we love it honey!). but there is no laughing at bath-time because she is too busy focusing on her kicking. it seems that she takes her splashing very seriously and we both end up getting soaked. sleeping is still hit and miss although, it hasn't been helped by her sister bringing home plenty of winter bugs from pre-school. her co-ordination skills are galloping along.....hands and feet have been discovered and she hates it when we hide her hands during dressing. hair tugging is now getting ferocious with a iron grip and rattles are becoming favoured toys. car journeys seem to be less tedious and are helped by Limi providing us with a running commentary: Claya is looking out the window/ closing her eyes/ keeping her eyes wide open etc.....

but finally, what she is best at is chatting.....constantly.....with plenty of different sounds and what appears to be complete conviction that we understand what she is saying.....

she is an utter honey and besides stealing my beauty sleep has not been too tough on us at far....*holding BOTH thumbs*....let's chat again in another 100 days.

p.s. i still love these bonnets....and the stories they could tell....


  1. these photos are simply beautiful, and I love her name. Beautiful post! x

  2. She is such a beautiful girl, in appearance, and in nature it sounds. Baby chatters and giggles are the best.

  3. She is so beautiful! Love the gorgeous lace bonnet.

  4. The bonnets are amazing!!!! She is beautiful!

  5. Love the bonnet : ). Beautiful pics! Xx

  6. Oh my God! How beautifull are these pictures, and this baby! :o)
    Gorgeous !


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