Sunday, 18 November 2012

nov, 18th - snap snap....

day 1008 / 107:

two new toys arrived for the girls last week.....(i might be trying to brainwash their future interests). little sapling make the type of wooden toys that i have searched high and low to find: simple, handmade, amazing quality and hopefully something that will last a lifetime. ordering them from the states was a bit of a pain (please find a European stockist LS) but worth the effort.

the teether is one piece of hard rock maple which the company has educated me is: naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and non-toxic. i also found some other shapes that i would love to buy for friends: tooth, bat, bird, aeroplane. the digital camera is just as clever. it's made from solid wood (maple and walnut) and finished with jojoba oil and beeswax. the lens moves to 'focus' and Limi loves to 'show me the pic' on the screen. an added plus is that for every toy sold, they plant a tree through Trees for the Future. 

this feels like a bad sponsorship post....which it's not.....i just like this company and the fact that they are obviously thinking about what they are doing.

hope that you had a brilliant weekend. x


  1. nothing better than simple wooden toys, is there? the camera is so cute. x

  2. we had the little was loved...chewed on quite a bit and is still looking good. the cameras are great (nothing wrong with a little brainwashing now and then)

  3. I want the whole range (just for myself) they are all so beautiful ... and really great prices too.


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