Thursday, 8 November 2012

nov, 8th - fernandez and wells....

day 999 / 98:

we were surprised to find that the lovely Fernandez and Wells has taken over a space at Somerset House.  on this visit, we didn't have chance to linger but perhaps i can ditch the kids for a morning and pay Tim Walker, Fernandez and Wells my undivided attention next time around....

it's so exciting to see that London's attractions are starting to also take care when it comes to their cafes as well as their buildings. after years of stale scones and bland filter coffee, we now have this favourite in Hyde Park, this one in St James' park, this one at the National Gallery and now F&W at Somerset House. this city just gets better and better.

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  1. Have spent many a long and thoroughly enjoyable hour whiling away an evening at their tapas and wine site so this is very good news indeed. A HUGE warm welcome to the growing artisan army taking the dreadful London public cafes in hand. And love both these and previous photos - so very, very London. I agree... it does get better and better.


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