Sunday, 25 November 2012

nov, 25th - offspring....

day 1015 / 114:

you have to love group pics of children under four......there is always the why-are-you-making-us-do-this attitude on a number of levels.....

we had a good friend back from South Africa over the weekend and we tried to get a group shot of all the offspring.....above, is the best result 

but what i love more than the end results are the behind the scene pics of various adult hands trying to keep the scene from descending into total meltdown.

hope that you had a wonderful weekend. x

p.s. oops, sorry pam and an about the shoes on your couch.....


  1. these are hilarious :) i love that claya and the other little girl on the end both seem to be thinking, "uh, what is going over there. can we please move on..."

  2. Yep... the things we do that our kids do not approve of...but hopefully appreciate when they're older and get to do to their offspring ....

  3. Absolutely adorable and I like the outtakes even better. It reminds me of my attempt to take pics of my children with my nieces and nephew this summer. Next year I will arm myself with a martini ;-)

  4. Love these and Limi looks like the big good girl tying to keep the calm !!!


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