Monday, 19 November 2012

nov, 19th - river walks....

day 1009 / 108:

i'm going to photo-bomb you with pics of our walk on Sunday. it was the loveliest, most glorious day on this generally muddy island: crisp air, blue skies and bright sunshine. we headed out of London to have lunch with my sister and niece but before lunch, we found a fantastic walk along the Thames.....

it's a magical stretch of the river with lots of ducks (we even stopped for a lengthly chat with a local who gave us a lowdown on all the breeds), a lock, wooden bridges, boats and even calves that wander down to the river to drink......we were enchanted and are already planning picnics in Summer on the little islets.

Limi was almost camouflaged by the yellow Autumn leaves.....

we spent a few hours exploring, stopped to feed Claya and played a fast-paced game of I Spy. again, my sister was the one to introduce me to a version of 'I Spy' for kids who can't spell yet.....we play using colours and descriptions e.g. I Spy something with a beak or I Spy something black and white.......Limi loves it.


and finally, we stopped on the bridge to wave at the boats sailing by. Limi was completely charmed by everyone waving back furiously.....this is definitely one of our new favourite spots.


  1. soo good! seems like you really enjoyed it!

  2. Magical. When London pulls out the stops it REALLY pulls them out and you've captured the mood of the day and the weather beautifully (as always)

  3. Great pictures Dee, they really convey the feeling of the place.


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