Wednesday, 21 November 2012

nov, 21st - clever clogs....

day 1011 / 110:

our friends have almost finished renovating their house.....i posted some before pics here and here. they have nailed it! completely and utterly....i did say on my last visit that if it was my home, i'd probably never go out! and what's even more impressive is that they've also had a small baby to deal with at the same time. hopefully i can convince them to let me show the end results here.....they must be so chuffed.


  1. oh geez love that picture of the percolator ! x

  2. I agree, that percolator photo is gorgeous!!!

  3. OH well done them .... I love it, especially those stools (I have been looking high and low everywhere here for the same in chair version)oh and those shades are perfect .... you must convince them to let you photograph more !!!

  4. oh my! i am dying over the lights. just dying. i would love to see more!


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