Monday, 26 November 2012

nov, 26th - deck the walls.....

day 1016 / 115:

it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas around here......since the girls and i won't be spending much time at home in December, we've opted out of a real tree this year. i was inspired to make a graphic tree on the wall after seeing this version and this one too.

i foraged for some baubles that had fallen from the trees in our neighbourhood (any idea what they are?) and planned to place them at intervals all over the branches. but, the tree used up a whole roll of black MT masking tape (from here) and i ran out on the final branch......for awhile there, i was tempted to use a black marker to finish off the line but instead i decided to fill the space with baubles.....

i do love how it accidentally turned out; that Limi helped to make it and that it cost about three pounds. but what i love most is that Limi proudly tells people that we made a tree when they walk in the door.


  1. Love love love it! You are wonderfully talented, Dee, and could Limi get any cuter?!

    Sar x

    Ps. We used to call those seeds 'bommy knockers' - they're from the Liquidambar (Sweet Gum) tree. We have a garland of them in our studio :)

  2. Wow Dee, I love it .... and proud little Limi !!!


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