Wednesday, 7 November 2012

nov, 7th - tim walker at somerset house....

day 998 / 97:

on a rainy day in London, we went to see the Tim Walker exhibition at Somerset House. (thanks to this lady for the hot tip!) i love the magical/fantastical scenarios that he creates in his photographs.....they always make me think that he has documented behind the scenes of Alice in Wonderland and captured characters and parts of the story that never made it into the book.....

for a toddler, the props that are part of the exhibition, are fascinating: giant snails climbing up the walls; a prop plane crashed into a room; bugs playing musical instruments; a huge skeleton and an even bigger doll. it's definitely worth visiting and if you go in a couple of weeks time, you could combine it with a skate on the ice rink.....they were busy putting it up when we's the original and still our favourite place to skate.


  1. How funny, I've just got back from there!!
    Did you check out the Fernandez and Wells there too? It was such a nice surprise!

  2. Oh lucky you .... it looks amazing, and you have captured it perfectly, it really is so "Alice in Wonderland" !!!


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