Tuesday, 21 September 2010

sep, 21st - solids, episode II....

[surprisingly tasty (and a hit), steamed courgette and raw banana puree]

day 221:

i've been thinking a bit more about the post on weaning and solids (day 213). one thing that i forgot to mention was the reasoning behind all the interesting combinations and spices.....it's not just a bid to be exotic. research suggests that babies enjoy spices and herbs (obviously not including salt or pepper) and that by introducing these at the weaning stage, they will develop a more sophisticated palate and therefore, they will eat a wider range of foods. this makes sense to me, as globally, kids do not all get raised on bland, wallpaper-paste-rice-cereal. plus, by adding these flavours to their food they get the added benefits:

  • ginger - good for settling the stomach
  • cinnamon - also good for settling the stomach and anti-bacterial
  • garlic - anti-oxidant
  • tumeric - anti-oxidant
  • dill - aids digestion, hiccups and colic
  • mint - helps respiratory issues and aids digestion
  • coriander - aids gassiness, stimulates appetite and helps joint pain

i love the idea of limi being happy to try food from different countries. and hopefully it will keep the 'kids chicken nugget obsession' at bay....

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