Thursday, 23 September 2010

sep, 23rd - rock-a-bye baby....

day 223: was years 6 months ago that we introduced a bedtime routine for limi (day 38).....which means that i've been listening to the same bedtime soundtrack for 185 days now (and given it's calming effect on her, i can't see this changing anytime soon).....the good thing is that i don't even hear the songs anymore.....but i also don't think that any of them will ever be the same again for me.

since limi has also been listening to the same tracks for 185 days (and counting) and although this might reveal my cheesy taste in music, i thought that i should document the soundtrack somewhere so that one day when she's driving along and one of them comes onto the radio, she will understand why she has a sudden urge to curl up in the foetal position and go to sleep......

limi's sleep sountrack:

  • somewhere over the rainbow - israel kamakawiwo'ole
  • i'm yours - jason mraz
  • chasing cars - snow patrol
  • can't help falling in love - bob dylan
  • what a wonderful world - louis b. armstrong
  • run - snow patrol
  • summertime - ella fitzgerald and louis b. armstrong
  • honeybee - zee avi
  • into temptation - crowded house
  • more than words - extreme
  • karma police - radiohead (rockabye baby version)
  • return to innocence - enigma
  • air on a g-string - societas musica chamber orchestra

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