Friday, 17 September 2010

sep, 17th - peek-a-boo....

day 217:

we get progress updates on 'what our baby should be doing at this stage' that drop into our inbox at an alarming-growing-too-fast rate. these updates were amazing when i was pregnant....A and i would devour them and then send them onto our far-flung families. it made me feel more connected to my immediate family who couldn't see the outward changes but would know week after week what was happening....for example that the baby's lungs were developing and that i would start to feel a justified need for naps in the afternoon. 

our tailored updates (based on the expected due date and then the actual birth date) come from Baby Centre. they are an amazing resource that can be accessed by anyone globally. the things that i especially love about their updates are:
  • the pregnancy growth images that gave me some idea of what was happening inside the growing watermelon
  • the fact that they didn't once refer to the baby as a 'bundle of joy'
  • updates both on how the baby is developing and how your pregnancy is progressing
  • the style of writing which makes it accessible for both parents and the extended family to read
  • fantastic links to relevant information e.g. a link to different types of pain relief during the week of writing your birth plan

during pregnancy, the progress reports came in weekly but once the baby was born, they start coming in about every fortnight. although they still make interesting reading and are always filled with useful tips of how to stimulate your baby at each new stage, i haven't followed them as closely since Limi was born...i tend now, to use the site more to look up specific questions/issues....and it's excellent for these too.

but the latest update caught my attention as it's opening line was: '[At 7 months and 3 weeks], a simple game of peek-a-boo can absolutely fascinate your baby.' They are Spot On with this update.....peek-a-boo is what gets limi belly-laughing all the started with her cousins in Italy and now it's either with her hiding under her blanket or towel....or with A. and i hiding around the's definitely her favourite game...well, except for her other one that i call Pac-girl (only relevant for anyone who lived through the '80s)....which is to try and munch everything in sight.

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