Saturday, 25 September 2010

sep, 25th - live, laugh, love....

day 225:

we drove down to Somerset (see day 148) for the beautiful wedding of our good friends Flea and Damien. Somerset is THE apple tree county in England. Green, luscious countryside and the perfect place for a lazy weekend with good friends celebrating their wedding life motto: live, laugh, love

the wedding was held at Maunsel House...a rambling and eccentric pile. we ate amongst the apple trees with guinea fowl running around our feet...perfection.

it was limi's first wedding and she was an absolute star...even with a huge rosette pinned to her head...she showed her true Purdy girl genes by not  trying to rip it off once...

with the groom's family from Ireland and the bride's from Australia it was always destined to be a brilliantly raucous celebration.....

congrats flea and damien! we wish you a lifetime of good living, deep belly laughs and endless love


d, A + limi

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