Wednesday, 22 September 2010

sep, 22nd - crawling....

day 222:

this 7 month old is a approved BSRB style (see day 199). i thought that the slippery, painted floor boards would get her in the end.....but she's conquered them (probably with some overly developed knee muscles) and is scooting about the house. 

[business idea 1: i'm going to develop baby knee-pad stickers with the sock-style grips for wooden floor crawling...of course if you're reading this and steal the idea...and actually make it happen rather than just talking about it, then don't forget to send the cheque!]

so with a drizzly day outside.....we spent it indoors practising this new skill! least she's still a bit slow to get me time to move those strappy sandals out the way. 

crawling baby = tidier parents!

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  1. Hello!
    I just came across your blog on topbabyblogs... I LOVE it! your photos are wonderful and your daughter is beautiful! My son is 7 months as well.. so it's nice to see other blogs with babies around the same age.
    ps. love the baby food suggestions as well =)


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