Friday, 3 September 2010

sep, 3rd - so long chez kristof....

[chez k in the sun]

[chez k in the snow]

day 203:

our beloved, (took us in and fed us when we were renovating and had no kitchen), neighbourhood deli, coffee shop and restaurant, Chez Kristof (affectionately known as Chez K.), has closed its' doors. sob....

[bare shelves]

it's been sold on to another restaurant chain.......and they are renovating before they re-open (hopefully sometime soon....)

the deli/coffee shop is where A. and i took refuge when we were renovating our Shoe-box and didn't have a kitchen....
[this was the state of the kitchen at the time]

in fact, or a's where we would stumble down on a Saturday morning (okay...afternoon) pre-Limi, after a big night out, seeking's where I waited out my ever expanding bump when Limi decided to delay her entrance 

[37 weeks]

and it's where we have spent many a day since.....when i was in desperate need of caffeine, adult conversation and a break from the 4 walls at was our neighbourhood community and we are decidedly lost without it.

the restaurant next door, spoilt us....we could skip down at the end of Long day, sit on the terrace and they would serve us amazing French cuisine, delicious red wine and the best Tarte Tartin in the world (it has to be......but feel free to send me yours and i will compare).

[day 3 with Limi]

the staff all got to see the Before and After....and from day 1 (okay day 3...we didn't quite manage to go down on day 1)...they have cooed and gurgled at Limi and made me feel cocooned in hot chocolate with my brand new there was free WiFi and a power cord.....I only had to go home to sleep.... really.

[the wonderful people at chez k]

it's left a gaping hole in my days......and i can't help but wince when i walk passed and see the stacked tables inside, lights off and doors firmly long chez k. you will be sorely missed.

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