Tuesday, 7 September 2010

sep, 7th - todo list....

day 207:

i love making lists.....but is it the making of lists that i love or the incredible down-in-the-belly-satisfaction i get when i cross something off that list.....yes, i have been known to write something on a list, just to cross it off again....it makes the whole list look so much more successful.

but my ToDo list at the moment is exhausting.....before i've managed to cross something off, i'm writing another thing onto it......it's becoming less of a ToDo page and more of a ToDo fax-roll (where on earth do you even buy a fax-roll these days). 

[how i feel about my list at the moment. limi, 7 days old]

first of all...i hate my own paperwork...and now i have Limi's paperwork to deal with....and babies come with some complicated forms....plus the Shoe-box has decided to reveal all renovation flaws this week....we've had water pouring down the-most-expensive-windows-i've-ever bought...on the inside; lights suddenly not working (yes...we have changed the bulbs); a heated towel rail trying to escape the wall and a fridge that would prefer to be a swimming pool....and that's after my long list of things to do before i go back to work.

my ToDo list is now growing claws and chasing me in my dreams.........i will have to attack it with a pen  and hope that i win this battle. please have the plasters ready for those paper-cuts.

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