Tuesday, 28 September 2010

sep, 28th - bounce....

day 228:

from the timid first bounces (day 168)....to giant leaps (that make me think that she's going to catapult herself out of the harness), the door bouncer is still a firm favourite. 

although i was keen to buy the Graco Bumper Jumper, they are not available in the UK, so we ended up going with the simpler, Lindam which has been brilliant. sturdy. easy to put up (not so easy to take down). definitely better than having no door bouncer. (but why oh why has no-one brought out a plain black or grey bouncer? limi doesn't even see the bouncer but we do as it flaps in the doorway between kangaroo sessions)

but i wouldn't change having this flapping blue and yellow piece of plastic kit for anything.....
she loves it!

here's some bouncing action from today:

Background music by: The Brand New Heavies [featuring Jamalski]

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