Saturday, 23 October 2010

oct, 23rd - can't help the nostalgia....

day 254:

it's interesting that as we speed forward at pace with watching Limi grow, it's impossible not to look back at our own childhoods, remembering everything we loved: in A's case - Sesame Street, fresh milk from their dairy farm, a wonky tree-house, in mine - jumping on the trampoline, Curious George, playing board-games with my siblings.

so....although this falls into soppy-posts-i'm-not-allowed-to-publish, i'm loving looking back at old pics. these were taken when i was about 6 months old. obviously my brother and sister were not convinced by the photographer and i was mostly.... oblivious. loving their confused want us to do what? sit here and smile? 

think this is the shot! loving the hairstyles too.

and just by the way....if i'm doing a soppy-post then: i have the best siblings in the world. just saying!

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