Tuesday, 28 June 2011

jun, 28th - tippity tap....

day 503:

it's been one of those days. a day where only music, dancing or a good book can help....or alternatively chocolate cake, a large glass of wine or an over-zealous bubble bath. 

i chose dancing...well in fact Limi's dancing. Jae had her tap shoes shipped from Oz and bought Limi her own pair so that they could step-ball-change around the Shoebox. it brings back so many memories of step-ball-changing around my own room growing up. 

Limi absolutely loves the sound they make....especially when stomping....good thing that they do most of their 'practising' while the neighbours are at work.

i would never force Limi to go in any direction.....so, if she loves dance as much as I did growing up then I will happily sew on sequins and sit in the audience at every show.....but if she just likes to stomp or make music then we can do that too.......

for now, it certainly gets you out of a funk watching her eyes light up as she clippity-clops around the living-room. who knew that tap shoes even came in such small sizes....... 

ps. although, Limi is determined to put on her own shoes at the moment they do generally end up on the wrong feet.....


  1. Oh my ... I think this will go down as one of my favorite posts on your blog ... how great is Jae !!!

  2. Nunu - that is too blimmen' cute for words!

  3. Those little feet in tiny tap shoes....just gorgeous!

  4. Oh that's too cute!! Crazy cute! Adorable cute! No words...

  5. ooooh, teeny tiny tippety tappety's! Cute! x


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