Thursday, 12 July 2012

jul, 12th - siblings....

day 884:

it's all getting very real now. i'm 38 weeks pregnant so really it could happen at any time (hopefully after the crib has been painted, the bag packed and the swiss ball pumped up again........we always were a bit of a last minute couple)

the pics above are of Limi on the right (at about 31 weeks) and thunderhooves on the left (at 27 weeks)


  1. wow they look identical!!

    how exciting! hope it all goes smoothly, can't wait to see the new addition :)

  2. time has flown. so happy for you. a couple more weeks and you'll be a mother of two! so funny that we had our first borns weeks apart and now the seconds ones are on their way (i'm 31 weeks pregnant with #2). go us!
    lots of smooth pregnancy wishes and can't wait to see little thunderhooves --which by the way is a pretty awesome name =)

  3. Not long now!
    I didn't realize you were so close to 40 weeks.....very exciting!!!!
    The pics are amazing and so similar. Take care in these next few weeks, happy painting and packing...we were the same....last minute.

  4. best of luck with it all! I'm excited for you!

  5. Wow Dee - very real indeed. I'll drink for the both of us to get through the shock of it all ;-).

  6. How exciting for you .... I just got butterflies !!!
    Amazing how alike they look

  7. Hihi, everytime I visit your blog I expect some newborn images. Whishing you all the best and enough time. ;)

  8. Oh my, such a likeness! Go gentle Mama... so so close :)

    Cant wait for an announcement (and I am just dying to know the name!)

    x Claire


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