Wednesday, 11 July 2012

jul, 11th - more market....

day 883:

our weekend was very quiet so there are no exciting new spots to share with you here. the most excitement we had was getting stuck in traffic for two hours on our way to a friends' barbecue and then Limi getting a sore tummy just as we decided to turn back for the park, stopping to take her out the seat, swiftly followed by her throwing up all over me (three times).......she's the master of understatement though telling me: 'i did a little spit on you mama'......after promising her a bbq with other kids then some park time, she ended up with a two and a half hour car trip, sore tummy and clothes covered in sick.....we know how to show her a good time.

so instead, I thought that I would share some pics from my last visit to Broadway Market back in May. these never did make it onto the blog as i was struck down by that nasty chest infection.

this market is the perfect place to stock up on delicious food for a spread-feast lunch or dinner {see day 390 and day 610} but it is also attracting some of the best street music i think i've found in London.....the guys above and below completely blew me away with their (what i would call) contemporary, honky tonk style......

and these two guys below, were also amazing.....

and then there's always the food to tempt the taste buds and the's definitely worth going to this market hungry.

so as I keep saying, if you're in East London on a Saturday, this place is definitely worth a visit.


  1. Your photos are all so lovely. I always love visiting your blog. Blessings!

  2. I love these photos, all your pictures have a strong essence that unites them somehow. Always fantastic, and as a Brit who lives in Istanbul and is currently in Finland always a perfect treat. I love your daughters outfit in this one too (I always love her clothes actually).


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