Monday, 9 July 2012

jul, 9th - snippet from the weekend....

day 881:

our weekend was pretty quiet. i met up with a great bunch of girlfriends on Friday night for dinner. we went here. for the rest of the weekend, the weather was fairly wet and sludgy and more suited to Autumn than high Summer.......(thank goodness for the roof on Centre Court at Wimbledon.)

we seem to have been stock piling dry ingredients for months now and our Shoebox kitchen is struggling to contain our, A. and i have been trying to use what we can to make some space......with plenty of desiccated coconut, oats, syrup and flour, i decided to attempt Anzac biscuits with Limi on Saturday. a brave move as a South African, to tackle an iconic Australian biscuit. not sure i nailed them or matched A.'s nana's version but Limi and i had fun (and they're a great dough-eating-recipe as there are no raw eggs).

it may also have been Limi's first milk and biscuit-dunking experience. by the way that she was  protecting her mug she may have been worried that i was going to wrestle this new-found joy out of her grasp.

hope your weekend also uncovered new-found delights. x


  1. What magic photos Dee .... love them so much (and I think your Anzacs look very authentic !!!)
    Love the post before ... now every time I see Roger Federer I'm going to think of Winnie the Pooh !!!

  2. So cute... i really must bake something this year (ha!).

    ... And it really is such a hugable mug!
    Love the little chair too x

  3. your blog is absolutely beautiful!!! Your child is so cute :)


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