Tuesday, 24 July 2012

jul, 24th - tweet....

[bird 1, holland park by Limi (2)]

day 896:

if i could freeze a development stage, it would probably be this stage of Limi's drawing. i am love with her spontaneous style.....her people that are generally just faces with arms and legs and the freeform squiggles and circles that depict whales, buses, 'thunderhooves', boats, caterpillar {see day 813}......
it seems a shame that this has to 'develop' into a more prescribed way of drawing....especially when we spent so much time at art school trying to 'let go' in our drawing.

[bird 2, holland park by Limi (2)]

i found this article on the six stages of a child's drawing style which is worth a read. these two drawings of birds, done in Holland Park, are probably stage three as described by Nicole Avery: moments of a specific subject followed by squiggles and circles afterwards....i love them. especially the beak in the first one and those tail feathers in the second but then again, i love her squiggles and circles as well {see day 827}.


  1. Oh Dee, I love these, I want a Limi bird for my wall !!!

  2. Me too!!
    Check this out Dee. I think you'll find it interesting and you could buy the book for Limi.

  3. Absolutely beautiful Limi. X


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