Wednesday, 4 July 2012

jul, 4th - mast brothers....

day 876:

in honour of American Independence Day, these bars of chocolate are by the Mast Brothers in Brooklyn. they are also part of the The Makers project {see day 840} which is where i first heard about them. on their website, you can watch a beautifully shot video which gives you a better idea of how passionate these brothers are about the chocolate making process. each bar is completely handmade from filling the mould to wrapping the finished product. what i love is the idea that these brothers are successful doing something that they put so much heart and soul into.

A. brought back these two bars from his trip to New York, in May. 

the packaging is incredible and has an old, thick wrapping paper quality. the type of paper that you could imagine someone unwrapping in Victorian England. but i especially like the descriptions on the back of the bars....chocolate with a hint of tobacco? it was definitely there........

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  1. Oh, I love so much the packaging of the Mast Brothers chocolate ! I have eaten some, in NY ; it tastes like no other...


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