Tuesday, 31 July 2012

jul, 31st - beautiful baby-shower....

day 903 / 2:

my girlfriends threw me the most beautiful baby-shower over the weekend. they set up a delicious picnic under a tree in Holland Park and we were lucky to have amazing weather.

a wonderful spread, fabulous friends, sunshine, great conversation and some lounging on blankets is obviously the recipe for bringing on labour. an hour after we got home, my contractions had started and by midnight we had bathed Limi, put her to bed, repacked the hospital bag, pumped up the Swiss ball, called Kelly to come over and were heading into the hospital.

impeccable timing on the shower by the girls and 'thunderhooves'......


  1. What a gorgeous celebration of impending new life.
    Everything is so pretty, so delicious, so inviting.

  2. Absolute perfection! But it seems we're still waiting on a name ... ? Kellie xx

  3. This looks like the sweetest baby shower ever...

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I bet you're glad thunderhooves held out long enough for you to enjoy such a delightful spread! Limi... what a little angel she is in that dress with her vanilla curls xx


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