Monday, 23 July 2012

jul, 23rd - more portobello....

day 895:

first......thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post. like a lot of people (it seems), i have the same uneasy relationship with blogging, on one hand i love the community, the creativity that exists in blogging (i'm constantly astounded by the brilliance out there) and the chance to share our everyday experiences in a way that hopefully Limi will appreciate in the future. on the other hand, i sometimes feel like a slave to the blog and wonder whether it's wise to share so much of our lives out there. so, your encouraging comments are always welcome.

these are a few more pics from Portobello Market {see day 890}. London has really come alive over the past 18 months with the Royal Wedding, Jubilee and now the's a great time to be in this amazing city. hopefully i'll get a chance to capture some of the Olympic spirit before thunderhooves arrives.

  • Singer sewing machines en masse in the All Saints store on Portobello Road.

  • the 'what's-showing-now' sign below. is outside the wonderful Electric Cinema which recently suffered a devastating fire....hopefully it will be back up and running soon.


  1. I share so many of those same mixed emotions about blogging. It's such a tough one... but I find it such a wonderful creative outlet and I love tapping into such a supportive and inspiring community.

    London must be so exciting and vibrant at the moment - you're so lucky to be experiencing the city at such a significant time.

    I get my London fix from your space - please keep sharing the city like you do! x

  2. I wonder about all those sewing machines - I mean like in a 'where did they get so many of them?!' sort of way. There are that many sewing machines in every All Saints Shop I pass. And there are a lot of All Saints shops now! Great display though. Love it! Maybe they went to an old factory - they must have!

  3. They got them in India I think. We all hated it when they moved in to the area and took over so many wonderful little individual antique units. There was a huge petition from all the locals. Anyway, that's how things seem to go unfortunately.


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