Monday, 16 July 2012

jul, 16 - pimping the crib....

day 888:

so, the crib has been painted {see post, below}. i bought a sturdy but basic, wooden crib from one of the big, online children's stores, sanded it back (with Limi's help) and covered it in blackboard paint. i love the matt result and can't wait to see it with crisp white linen. next step is to add some wheels so that we can easily move it around the Shoebox.

to me, it's perfect, A. is not as convinced by blackboard paint so perhaps you can solve our style debate by leaving a comment below......we'll count the scores and the loser will have to give the winner ten full minutes of back tickles....

help, i love back tickles.


  1. If I'm honest I wouldn't have chosen it myself, but that's because I don't have the styling eye that you do. I can't wait to see it with the bedding in, I think it will look gorgeous and perfectly in keeping with your home. Can't wait to "meet" your babe.

  2. i think it looks amazing and just think of all the things you can draw on the end of the cot :)

  3. Great idea, I love it! And also love back tickles so fingers crossed for you ;)

  4. Well of course I'm with you Dee (Sorry A !!!)
    What a great idea

  5. I love your style so much, but to be honest I think I'd be a bit more traditional with a crib. I can't help it, I like things a bit soft for a baby. I'm not sure about the baby looking through lots of black lines. That's just me though. I'm sure it'll look very stylish and cool!

  6. i have a soft spot for chalkboard vote is with you :)

  7. Love it for you, Dee! I love mixing a bit of white undercoat with chalkboard paint - makes the most divine matte charcoal grey!

    Yes, will look great with crisp white linen.... and better still with a perfect teeny tiny newborn!

    Sorry, A - get tickling! ;)


  8. I think its perfect ...but i am a big fan of black!
    Hope you have enjoyed those back tickles!!!!

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