Tuesday, 16 October 2012

oct, 16th - jabs....

day 976 / 75:

Claya had her first set of jabs at the end of last week. after my tough approach with Limi that completely disintegrated when they shoved that gigantic (okay, normal sized) needle into her thigh....on both sides {see day 65}, i wasn't looking forward to these jabs a second time around. 

out came the huge (okay, still normal sized) needle and i had to hold her while the nurse punctured each thigh. she handled it like a champ.....she screamed both times, like someone had just shoved a very sharp object into her thigh; huge, proper teardrops tumbled down her cheeks but then she smiled at me through the tears and all that was left were two round plasters and some hiccups.

of course, Limi was quick to offer to 'yank' off the plasters but i convinced her that the nurse had said that the plasters have to fall off naturally.....i wasn't sure that Claya needed any more rough treatment for one day.


  1. wow,claya really looks like limi!! :)

    i am not a mom,only an Aunt, but i can imagaine the sadness over their first jabs!

    sorta funny that big sis limi wanted to rip the plasters off right away!

  2. Always harder on mum that bub I say, I always dreaded those jabs ....
    Oh Dee Claya is just so beautiful and so much like Limi as a bub !!!


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