Wednesday, 24 October 2012

oct, 24 - in the detail....

day 984 / 83:

i found this sweet top on sale for Limi. it's by April Showers by Polder. i love the detail of the black ribbon at the back. it reminds me of this dress. it's not surprising that this label is designed by two Dutch sisters who have learnt their trade in France. there is a 'romantic yet practical' air about this piece.


  1. what a sweet and precious top.

    i just wanted to reach out to you and say how much the comment you made on 'running on happiness' resonated with me. i'm going through some serious struggles right now and your advice to take just one step at a time is such a great reminder for me and what i'm going through. i copied and pasted your comment and saved it to read when i'm having one of those really bad days. i know the advice was meant for her, but it really touched me as well. thank you.

  2. Hello again..I think I'm addicted to your pictures. Love this top. Love your blog.


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