Tuesday, 30 October 2012

oct, 30th - pumpkins, ghosts and skeletons....

day 990 / 89:

halloween is still a bit of a novelty in our house. neither A. nor i experienced halloween in Australia and South Africa, growing up.....so we're playing catch-up on the traditions. there's been plenty of preparation over the last couple of days....i guess that's the great thing about having kids, you get to absorb yourself in these holidays in a way that would seem odd otherwise....

this year, there were many firsts.......i carved my first pumpkins (with Limi's help and exclamations of 'we're carving pumpkins'...'we're carving pumpkins'.....!) and we roasted the seeds for Limi to try.....i also had to do my first school-bake....so, i went for gingerbread ghosts fashioned from my Christmas angel cookie-cutter (probably a first for these two holidays to collide)....and after desperately wanting to make all Limi's and Claya's costumes from scratch, i've realised that after the debacle on Limi first year {see day 258} i can probably only manage to customise something. so this year, we're combining two celebrations and they are dressing up as Day of the Dead/ Halloween. 

tomorrow i'll show you the results and you can grade us on how we're doing for halloween novices.


  1. Those costumes look fantastic! I grew up in SA and the Halloween trend sure was lacking... Now situated in Perth, Australia I have to say things are looking up. Shops are full of crappy, cheap but very funny party merchandise - some of it too scary for little kiddies though! I've been trawling through your blog with a great big smile on my dial... Just lovely.

  2. Your photos crack me up! Love the add on hat for the skeleton. Love the photo of Limi's little curled up legs. It's just all so adorable!!

  3. Love the top shot... just beautiful. And very industrious... impressive!


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