Tuesday, 9 October 2012

oct, 9th - graffiti artiste....

day 969 / 68:

there has been serious drawing-mania in our house since Limi started school......the blackboard doors in the Shoebox are covered in family portraits.

in some, i have a thunderhooves (depicted by a spaghetti of squiggles) in my tummy {see day 785} and in others (like the one above) i'm more svelte and thunderhooves is out. when i asked her where Claya was in one of these images, Limi told me that she was in a different room.

i could honestly watch her draw for hours...i find her head-people with legs completely fascinating.


  1. Wonderful photographs (as usual). I love her drawings: a bit Basquiat, very cool. Superb.

  2. beautiful!
    they remind me of the time
    my sons were that ages
    making drawings like this
    and me making pictures
    time flies....

  3. Graffiti artiste extraordinaire I say !!!
    Love them X

  4. isn't it fascinating that they have legs but no body and no arms? my Lily who is almost 3 draws people the same way


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