Thursday, 25 October 2012

oct, 25th - jamie....

day 985 / 84:

we met some friends for lunch at one of Jamie Oliver's new British restaurants (his ventures seem to be springing up fast and furiously around town). i do love his ethos of fresh, simple and good ingredients and use his cookbooks (well, let's be honest, used to use his cookbooks pre-small-kids) but i'm not the hugest fan of chain restaurants (unless it's this small chain). but, given the all-things-British year that we're having, this restaurant felt quite apt. his design team have certainly done a god job on making you feel like you've stepped into a Famous Five annual.....

we did love the fresh lemonade, snack of homemade fish fingers and as for A.'s pork and stilton was worth travelling for.


  1. I don't go much on chains either but this one looks good.

  2. ooh i love jamie oliver food and thank you so much for sharing this!!! seems like some got great restaurant taste! :D

  3. oh wow, those straws are amazing! love the 3 birds too.


  4. I might sound like a total creeper for this, but I just finished reading your entire blog! Took me a couple of weeks and I loved every bit of it! Your photography is inspiring and I loved looking back at Limi's growth since she's about the same age as my son. So glad to have jumped over from love maegan!

  5. So in love with the colours of that first photo Dee, Oh and little Claya fast asleep (what a good girl !!!) Looks like a great space, I'm really liking the tiled walls .... Have a lovely weekend Dee X


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