Thursday, 18 October 2012

oct, 18th - fred and mabel....

day 978 / 77:

a good friend has started a small business called Fred & Mabel. with her partner (mum of Fred), they are selling vintage toys and creating beautiful cut-out images and words using gorgeous old fabrics. they are both mums who worked in the creative industry and are now trying to find that balance between having careers and being the main childminders. i love what they are doing.

they had their first stand at a Vintage Home Show over the weekend and their space looked incredible. i had to leave before i bought up all their stock, although i did snap up an old school slate board, a teapot for Limi (in pink....yes, old pink), a lace collar for Claya, the abacus in the second picture, above and the trolley horse.....i could have bought more.

they take commissions for their cut-out prints and will ship their toys worldwide. 

p.s. this is not a sponsored post :) but i do get handed these brown paper packages by Bon {see day 975 / 74}

[Limi sneaking off with the loot?]


  1. I have been toying (excuse the pun) with this idea too, I have such a love for vintage kids toys and furniture and I do have quite the collection ... at the moment thinking I will just pop them on ebay !!!

  2. Oh PS .... their range is amazing, love everything, wishing them lots of luck with their venture X


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