Tuesday, 2 October 2012

oct, 2nd - conversations with a two year old....

day 962 / 61:

we've been talking about pets and what Limi would like when we move into something bigger.....

Limi: mama, i would like four red cats and four yellow cats and if they 
jump up onto the table, i will pick them up and say: 
'no cats, no jumping on the table'
me: wow, sweets that's a lot of cats to look after
Limi: mama, you can have one of my red cats
me: and Claya?
Limi: she can have a dog.

p.s thanks for all the lovely comments and for reading. your comments really do make my day.

editor's note: for those who have asked where the jumpsuit is from, it's from our own range - une belle époque


  1. Oh that sounds like fun ... and Claya's dog will fit in well too !!!
    Love the previous posts too Dee, Claya's passport pic is sooo cute (what a shame you can't use it !!!)
    Limi is looking so grown up now that she is a big sister, just divine !!!

  2. She always has the cutest outfits!

  3. Adorable, beautiful girls!! I'm loving the cute little expression, like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth x

  4. She is precious! Followed your link from ...love Maegan, so glad I found your beautiful blog.


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