Saturday, 6 October 2012

oct, 6th - join the circus....

day 966 / 65:

back in august, when we were at the beach {see day 928 / 27}, the circus came to town. i used to love the circus but's complicated....when i was small, the circus was exotic and exciting....i remember seeing lions, elephants, girls balancing on horses, clowns and amazing trapeze artists all whilst sitting in a dark, striped tent with the smell of sawdust on the floor mingling with the candy-floss in my hand......i have really good memories of going to the circus....especially the clowns. now, with no more animals and a bit of a stigma hanging over the modern circus, it all seems a bit like a forgotten art. but on one of the few rainy days, we decided to take Limi along and she loved it.....

she especially loved the clowns and still speaks about the little clown, Lucian, who sprayed us with water and didn't want to leave the floor....her eyes were as big as saucers when the trapeze artists were flying through the air and her whole face lit up when each new act came on.......although i don't agree with the ethics of having animals in the circus anymore....there is still a teeny tiny part of me that wishes that she had also seen prancing horses and roaring that wrong?


  1. Love these shots so much Dee ... really love
    them !!!

  2. ssoo cute! where do you always find this stuff?????

  3. I have those same feelings about the circus, as well as the zoo. It's hard, I have so many good childhood memories of both. Lovely shots. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Hello :) i just all of love your pictures..u are an amazing photographer! The circus abuses animals. They are not meant to be trained for our entertainment..

  5. Hi, I am one of the new follower after I heard it on Maegan's blog. I am a new budding photographer, so can you please tel me what camera & filters you use to give such effects to your pictures? I really like the dark hues pictures & urs still manages to captures tiny details like one seen in suitcase picture as each star is visible.


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